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Tassel Top Park/Beach is managed by Barry and Karen Alden, under Joseph Crocker, our Town of Raymond Parks and Recreation Director.  Together we strive to provide a clean, safe and fun atmosphere for everyone who visits our park.  Below is some information of what you can expect while visiting.


  • BUSY DAYSOn hot summer days, typically on the weekends, our parking lot can become full within an hour and half after opening.  Our lot can hold 108 cars with 6 handicap spaces.  When our lot becomes full, we will stop patrons from coming in until a vehicle leaves (this includes patrons walking in).  Please plan accordingly when meeting family or friends, regardless of the situation you will be asked to wait.   

  • FULL PARKING LOT:  When our lot becomes full or close to becoming full we will post updates on Facebook.  We will also put a sign at the end of the road that states we are at “Full Capacity”.  Generally spaces will open up around noon or shortly thereafter and although we may be at full capacity you are welcome to drive to the Gatehouse to wait for a space to become free. 

  • NEED TO LEAVE & RETURN:  If you need to leave after entering, you are free to do so without paying another entrance fee upon returning.  However, if it is a busy day or we expect to be busy, you are not guaranteed to have your parking space available when you return.  Prior to leaving, please stop at the Gatehouse and we will give you a ticket.  You will give the ticket to the Gatehouse attendant when you return.  If our lot becomes full while you are gone, you will have to wait in line for a parking space to become available.  

  • ALCOHOL & SMOKING/VAPING:  Tassel Top does not allow alcohol or smoking/vaping.  Any patron that visibly has alcohol or tobacco, will be asked to put it away.  Any second offenses and patrons will be asked to leave.  Occasionally, depending on the situation, we will ask that the alcohol be brought to the Snack Shack to be picked up when you are ready to leave. 

  • REFUND POLICY:  Tassel Top does not give refunds for not having “enough space”.  When the parking lot is full our beach area can become crowded.  Management and Staff will monitor the amount of “beach space” that we have available.  If we see empty picnic tables or a spot to put a chair or towel we will continue to let patrons in provided we have parking spots available.  


Every day can be different here at Tassel Top and we are becoming increasingly popular.  These guidelines are here to help you prepare and have a pleasant and relaxing day at the beach with friends or family.  Should you have any questions or concerns before or while visiting please ask to speak with Barry or Karen Alden.  


Thank you and hope you enjoy and appreciate the park as much as we do.

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