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General Rules:

  • The use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and vaping (this includes marijuana), is not permitted on Tassel Top property.

  • Tassel Top is a carry in/carry out facility---what you carry in please carry out, including trash.

  • Please do not feed the ducks or any other wildlife.

  • Wildlife is protected by Federal and State Laws, therefore, the harassment or harm to any wildlife, including birds is not permitted and may result in fines, imprisonment or both.

  • Swimming is at your own risk, please stay within the designated swim area. 

  • Fishing as well as the use or launch of boating vessels is not allowed.  This includes kayaks or paddleboards and those that are inflatable.

  • Park is for day use only, no overnight camping.

  • Trail parking area is for trail usage only.

  • No entrance fees for family members or friends are to be paid in advance.

  • Grills are made for charcoal grilling only.  Burning of wood or sticks is not permitted.

Weather Policies:

  • When a brief thunderstorm passes through, for everyone’s safety you will be asked to return to your vehicle to wait out the storm.

  • If it is not a happy weather beach day, please check our Facebook page for any changes in hours of operation.  If the weather looks questionable when you arrive, you are taking a chance on the weather.

Busy Day Policies:

  • Staff will monitor the availability of space on the beach and parking spaces, please call ahead to check on our status. 

  • Walk-ins are not allowed on busiest of days. 

  • If you leave the premises with your vehicle, staff will not hold your parking spot and you may have to wait after returning.

  • All spots and grills are on a first come, first serve basis.  If a grill needs to be cleaned, please notify staff.  Under any circumstance please do not throw any charcoal in the woods.

Pet Policy:

  • No dogs or pets of any kind are allowed beyond upper parking lot.

  • Dogs and pets are allowed on trails with a leash only.  Please pick up after your pet.


***The Town of Raymond is not responsible for anything lost, stolen, or damaged while visiting Tassel Top.

***Visitors will be required to abide by any posted rules and signs and must stop any activities if asked to do so by Park Staff. 

***Tassel Top will not give refunds once payment has been made.

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